The Types and Characteristics of Aluminum mold

2016-12-16 16:03:39 Times

With the rotomolding industry miniaturization, refinement, the development of complex, more and more applications of aluminum mold. At present, the main aluminum mold or aluminum mold and cast aluminum mold two, and cast aluminum mold accounts for the majority of aluminum mold.

Cast aluminum light, good thermal conductivity, processing costs are relatively small, repair mold and aluminum mold surface decoration of the various lines are relatively easy. Compared with the aluminum, cast aluminum has a cost advantage, but the shortcomings of cast aluminum mold is easy on the bubble from the mold.

As the aluminum is soft, the choice of aluminum when the thickness of the aluminum plate is best not to be less than 10mm, too thin material can not bear in the production of impact force and repeated mold clamping stress. Large aluminum mold will be in the repeated heating, cooling cycle gradually aging, the use of a period of time will lead to reduced dimensional accuracy, if it is long-term production and product size requirements of the product should be carefully chosen this mold.

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