Rotational molding process

2016-12-01 09:50:56 Times

Rotational molding process is generally used to shape other plastic processing molding methods (such as injection molding, blow molding) can not shape the shape of complex hollow products, free to any design, seamless molding without melting welding. Can form large-scale products: such as a simple storage tanks, crates, electric car shell, car dashboard and oil, water tanks, medical beauty equipment, aerospace components, but also the formation of small products such as children's toys. Rotary molding can choose a wide range of processing, the specific performance in: household containers to the production of industrial containers; small spherical containers to high corrosion resistance materials barrels of production; packaging chemical containers, other industrial transport facilities shell, Softened sinks and transport boxes; children's toy parts; display figures; sports facilities such as golf carts, soccer balls, playgrounds and sports competitions; vacuum cleaners, scrubbers and lawn mowers; traffic barriers; display hoods; , Canoeing and so on.

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